Who to attend


Who can attend?

USAYES target audience is mainly US and African Youth Entrepreneurs and US Investors. The following are the categories of people or organizations that will benefit or contribute to USAYES success.
•        US and African Young Entrepreneurs

•        US Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies with focus on Africa

•        Governments Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies

•        International & Government Economic Development Agencies

•        African Embassies to Washington D.C.

•        US Financial Institutions with focus on Africa

•        US Private Investors with focus on Africa

•        African Companies with presence in US

•        US and Chicago Tech Incubators

•        US and African Private Foundations

•        Private High Networth Individuals

•        US Universities with Department of African Studies (University of Chicago, DePaul University, Northwest University, Chicago State University, etc.)
•        Africa Regional   organisations

•        Regional Organisations (AU, EAC, and    ECOWAS);

•        COMESA and EA Business Council

•        Telecommunication  companies

•        Tourist & Hospitality Institutions

•        Agri-Business companies

•        Agro processing SMEs

•        Telecommunication and ICT

•        Transport Institutions

•        Equipment Manufacturers

•        Investors

•        Manufacturing companies

•        Chemical companies

•        Energy Companies

•        Commodity companies

•        Business Developers

•        Chamber of Commerce and their members

Africans in Diaspora Organizations

•        US and African Private Research Institutions